Women’s Watches

Women can slap any old wrist watch on if they want to know what time it is. But if you’re an Oakley woman—the sort who wants to tell the world it’s a new time—then the collection of Oakley Women’s Watches is just the sort of messenger you need.

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  • Crankcase® Small

    Crankcase® Small

    Five-jewel Swiss Movement is the level of uncompromising precision, but this unique design is more about standing up to a life that never stands still.

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  • Jury® II

    Jury® II

    The finest 10-jewel Swiss Movement is cradled in surgical grade stainless steel.

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  • Holeshot® Small

    Holeshot® Small

    A crystal of pure sapphire shields a display enhanced with luminous phosphors.

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Technology. Physics Elevated to an Art Form Learn More About Oakley Innovation

The authenticity that made Oakley a global icon now inspires the heritage of Swiss watchmaking toward new possibilities. You will find it in genuine innovation that brings New World technology to Old World craftsmanship, and in creativity that delivers the unexpected.


Engineered with up to 13-jewel Swiss Movement, our line of precision instruments includes true Swiss Made timepieces.


Metals as lightweight as titanium form ergonomic bands that surrender to the shape of the wrist.


Premium materials are digitally sculptured to render the architecture of design originals.


Our chronographs measure cumulative time, intermediate time and split time down to a fraction of a second.


Materials as durable as surgical stainless steel are matched with pure sapphire, the hardest crystal used in watchmaking.