Car Fire Puts Oakley To The Test


Kyle Flynn was driving home one night when he had to make an unexpected stop. Enter: destruction, mayhem and terror.

“My car burst into flames – it was a total loss,” he said.

“When I went to assess the damage, I remember thinking, ‘Damn, my Oakley Half Jacket™ sunglasses were in there’.”

The photo gallery evokes a crime scene on the big screen. Or an arsonist’s most lucid dream – metal melted down to the nub. But it wasn’t a total loss.

“I went through the wreckage and pulled the center console out, knowing my Half Jackets were in their protective case. When I pried it apart, I couldn’t believe my eyes: the case protected my Oakleys. They were fine.”

Kyle Flynn
Allentown, PA


Newbear Lesniewski


October 30, 2008

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