McNulty Reels A 136 lb Yellow Fin Tuna!


On an overcast Hawaiian morning twelve fisherman/woman set out of Honokohau Harbor on the Big Island for some marlin and tuna fishing. The group of VIP Media, Oakley Sales, Sports Marketing and O Lab Crew were broken up into two and left the harbor at eight am on the Long Ranger and the Humdinger. Sense this writer was on the Long Ranger, I will tell our story.

The Long Ranger is a fifty-foot masterpiece, so when Co-Captain Steve told us the boat’s fortieth birthday was this year we could not believe him. The boat has two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen / hang out spot, big tower look-out area and over twelve fishing pool slots ready to be used at any moment.

As we pulled out of the harbor, our other Co-Captain (driver), Lance took us due south about three miles off the coast to find some marlin first, then to go looking for porpoises (which normally mean tuna). About fifteen minutes into our ride the sun broke out like a Michelangelo painting and it was time to put on the sunscreen and our polarized Oakley sunglasses. The clouds parted even farther, giving way to bluebird skies and a very bright sun that radiated off the magnetic crystal blue water.

Once we were about six to eight miles south of the harbor we saw a few beak whales, which was a first for this crew of rookie fishermen and women. Looking off into the distance it appeared there was a Navy ship closing in on us, but Lance said that was very rare. But within a few minutes there it was, one badass Navy ship cruising by us like we were standing still. Turns out the ship was coming from Honolulu to be on site for the swim portion of Ironman.

After another twenty minutes we hit a small school of porpoises, which turned into about fifty. All of them were super playful, some launching as much as twelve to fifteen feet out of the water! Upon witnessing all of this, it was time to get down to fishing and Steve went to work sending out a line with six different hooks attached. With the massive line out behind the boat Steve began togging on it telling us to be ready and sure enough not twenty minutes went by when a yellow fin tuna perked up on the line. In a very calm, but commanding way Steve told us to bring our “A” game, which resulted in Oakley Regional Sales Manager, Joe McNulty jumping into the main chair and getting locked into the reel.

Joe cranked hard as Steve told him to use more of his legs. At one point it looked like McNulty might not be able to handle the massive catch, as the first two hooks came in empty.

“She must be a good size, probably 100 plus,” said Steve.

“Seriously…” asked Joe.

So McNulty began to crank even harder which produced a very reflective object rising to the water’s surface.

“Holy crap,” said Joe.

It was big, once McNulty had the fish to the edge of the boat Steve and Lance went to work, doing what they do best. And that is bring that fish on board under whatever means possible, spears, aluminum baseball bats, you name it. Once on board, Lance claimed it was 140 lb catch.

We tried to catch some more fish for another hour, but with no real luck and a full schedule we had to turn the ship around. On the ride back we enjoyed what most of us considered to be the best guacamole (prepared by Lance) any of us had ever eaten, and cruised on the front of the boat with our feet dangling in the wind.

Upon arrival to the harbor it turned out Lance was not far off with his prediction as the scales tipped at 136 lb for a fully gutted yellow fin tuna.

Big thanks go out to Lance, Steve, the Long Ranger, the PR Team at Oakley for hooking up such an awesome event and everyone that made the day at sea so much fun.