A Tour of Oakley HQ: The Interior


There’s a scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when the snotty little kids with golden tickets are finally led into the room with the Oompa-Loompas and the chocolate river. Remember that? Remember how their little mouths opened in disbelief and amazement, as though what they were seeing couldn’t possibly be real?

We’re pretty familiar with that facial expression at Oakley. We see it every time someone walks into our lobby for the first time.

We call it “The Holy S—t” look.

There’s no river here. No little men with orange faces and green hair either. And the only candy you’ll find here is eye candy. But what the 1 Icon lobby does have is the stunning look of a post-apocalyptic fortress. Dotted with giant bolts, fan blades and metallic pipes, the room is anchored by a front desk that looks like the flight deck of some futuristic spaceship.

If you come by for an appointment with an Oakley Mad Scientist, there’s no better place to take in the view than from one of the four genuine ejector seat chairs we snagged from old fighter jets.

The Lobby O Store
Beyond the front desk resides the O Store. Separated by the main lobby, there are shops for men and women, each stocked with the latest Oakley eyewear, apparel and accessories. There’s even a kiosk where you can create custom Oakley sunglasses and have them prepared while you take in the atmosphere.

The Oakley Design Museum
Concealed deep inside the lobby store, with entrances hidden behind black curtains, a long, dimly lit hallway holds a look into Oakley’s thirty-five-year history. Beginning with the B-1 Bomber6 handlebar grip and tracing a timeline all the way to our newest product, the AirBrake snow goggle with Switchlock Technology, the Oakley Design Museum is a trip down a convention-defying memory lane. The rear wall of the museum displays Oakley’s advertising initiatives through the same time period. It’s quite a sight.

The Theater
For many visitors to 1 Icon, the Oakley theater is the most lingering image on the entire campus. The large, 180-degree stadium chair arrangement encircles an elevated podium that looks like some enormous futuristic Frisbee. Visually stunning and entirely practical, the Oakley theater embodies the commitment to “deliver the unexpected.”

The Eco-Revolution Hub
Beyond designing products that defy reason and precedent, one of Oakley’s primary goals is to represent itself as a strong corporate citizen. That desire was the impetus behind Oakley’s Eco-Revolution Hub, a meeting place where Oakley employees can recycle and contribute to a charitable cause that’s close to the organization’s heart. Four large oil drums sit side-by-side at the Hub—one each for trash, recycling, eWaste, and OneSight. That final drum is where Oakley employees can toss in old eyewear, be it sunglasses or prescription lenses, which OneSight will eventually redistribute to some of the 284 million people worldwide who don’t have access to quality eyecare.

The Design Lab
We can’t show you the inside of the Oakley design lab; there are too many top-secret projects to share. But what we can reveal is the stunning new graphic on the entryway to the Lab. Emblazoned with the word “Hungry Hunter”, the massive wall graphic looks like the side of an airborne gunship, complete with escape hatch (which is really the department’s door), rivets, and Xs for, well, you know.


Danny Evans


October 31, 2011

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