Hibbett Sports 2010 Managers Meeting

Hibbitt 013

The Hibbett Sports 2010 Managers Meeting at the Birmingham, Alabama conference hall was the most recent stop for the East Coast Rolling O Lab. The annual meeting gives all the managers from across the country the chance to preview the upcoming gear and talk with representatives from each company to learn more about what they are offering. Just like last year, Oakley came in strong with all 46,000 lbs of the O Lab to steal the show.

Due to the excitement from last year, the meeting was restructured around Oakley and the time it takes to visit the O Lab. Hibbett Sports wanted to make sure that absolutely everyone had the chance to come through the lab and learn more about Oakley High Definition Optics. Throughout the day we had hundreds of people go through the lab excited to see and learn the importance of Oakley’s technology in today’s performance driven world.

After visiting the O Lab, everyone had the chance to walk away with some fresh, new Oakley gear. If you went through the O Lab you were given a raffle ticket which put you in the drawing for a Warrant Watch, 12 Gauge Watch, men’s or women’s eyewear, or a slew of Oakley luggage. Needless to say, people were excited and couldn’t wait to see if they were one of the lucky winners.

Overall, the meeting was a hit! The people from Hibbett’s seemed excited as ever and true believers in the Oakley brand and what we are bringing to the table. A big thank you goes out to all of the Hibbett Sports Managers for taking the time to come learn a little more about Oakley and what we are all about. On the Oakley side, a well deserved thank you goes to Dan Martin who helped with all logistics of the meeting to make sure that everything was absolutely dialed. Year #2 in the books, we hope to see you all again next year.