Oakley Kicks Off European Winter X Games w/ Two Medals


European Winter X Games 2 kicked off with a pounding of snow from the heavens. Mother nature has not been too kind to the French Alps this year with snowfall, but you could not tell from the past few days of continual dumpage here in Tignes, France.

After a few days of practices and qualifiers, the first final of EWX 2 was underway with Women’s Ski Slopestyle Finals. The main issue was the varying snow conditions and how it was affecting the young women’s speed. Due to the weather the last two jumps were eliminated from competition as scoring obstacles, thus turning the event into a large-scale rail contest with a single jump. Needless to say the ladies had to throw down to earn their way to the top of the podium.

Shockingly and largely due to the weather, reigning gold medalist and Oakley athlete, Kaya Turski fell on her first run, opening the doors for some young guns. One of those young guns was fellow Oakley Canadian ripper, Kim Lamarre who stepped up her game huge with an insane set of tricks on the bottom half of the course.

Not to be out done and let her crown go down without a fight, Kaya stomped the living daylights out of her second run, which included a switch 720 off the only jump. The result was another gold medal win for Kaya Turski of Canada with a 92.00 score.

Afterwards Kaya said her favorite part about her past two years of unprecedented winning gold was sharing it with her father, who makes most of the voyages to her bigger contests.

Kaya was wearing a new color way A Frame goggle coming out in Fall 2011 and Kim was wearing a new color way Splice goggle coming out in Fall 2011 and current (Fall 2010) Oakley apparel.


Matt Murray


March 16, 2011

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