Cadel Evans Quietly Enters 2012 Tour de France As Serious Repeat Threat


Australian Cadel Evans made history last year becoming the first man from his country to win the overall title at the Tour de France. Since his Tour victory, Evans has had a slightly mild season. The difference between his build up to this year’s Tour de France and last years is that the Olympics will quickly follow in 2012. Evan’s 2011 season concluded with the Tour de France victory, where this year he needs to also remain focused for the London Olympic race in August.

“I’ve had a bit of a quiet start to the 2012 season – a quieter start,” Evans said. “But that’s okay, we have a lot of racing to come. We come here well prepared and ready.”

Since his Tour de France victory in 2011, Evans has taken a different route compared to previous winners. Usually shuffling around the world, Tour de France winners are often on high demand and enjoy the attention associated with being the champion. Evans however went into seclusion and focused on his family. Adopting an Ethiopian boy, Robel, Evans began a new adventure, which he takes great pride in.

Evans had twice finished as the runner-up in the Tour de France leading up to his victory in 2011 and he looks to defend his title this year. He has been showing great form and fitness in the mountains in recent years, something that will increase his chance for a title defense. It is strongly believed that Evans and Britain’s Bradley Wiggins will battle for the 2012 Tour de France title, although Evans is confident he can repeat, despite Wiggins’ recent success.

“The approach changes a little bit when you’ve won it, Evans said. “I would not say I’m less ambitious but ambitious in a different manner. Before you won your first Tour you ask yourself: how do I do it? The second: let’s just repeat what we did. There might be other goals in cycling that I want to do but the Tour is the No 1 goal. I have a good team around me and my body is capable of doing it. I think I can.”


John Ohail


June 29, 2012