“Oakley Dispatch” Surf Webisode Series Takes Off


The Oakley Dispatch webisode series is a lifestyle and surfing documentary based around the world-class talent that makes up the Oakley pro surf team. This online series follows a broad cast of characters from different regions around the world, chasing swells and documenting the realities of being a pro surfer. The series launched earlier this year and has released four episodes to date.

From the plush beaches of Hawaii to the icy waters of South Africa, these webisodes touch down in several continents and portray a variety of cultures and personalities. The series showcases both, the hardship of life on the road along with the joys of living out one’s dreams.

What makes this project so unique, it is that it is not scripted. It is real. It is raw. It is life. With the perfect combination of exceptional surfing and captivating personalities, this series goes on the road with the widely recognized, as well as the sometimes lesser-known, but equally talented, surfers who comprise the renowned Oakley pro surf team.

The series, filmed and edited by Lachlan McKinnon in association with 1242 Productions, is available to view on Oakley’s YouTube channel. Get caught up out now!

Or, for the latest and greatest, view Cali Dispatch Part II here:


Elishia Matta


June 30, 2012