Highly Anticipated First Look At Oakley's Julian Wilson's Scratching The Surface


A highly-anticipated first look at Scratching the Surface, Oakley’s Julian Wilson’s own movie. Julian is one of the best competitive surfers and free surfers out there. And this is easily one of the most-hyped surf films to come out in 2010. The surfing in this movie will speak for itself. It is expected to be released September 2010.

Describe your new film, “Scratching the Surface.” How long did it take to

The movie once it finished it will be roughly 18 months of filming. It’s supposed to be a bit of an insight into my life so far, what I get to do in a year or so on the road and who I hang out with. I’d say its a cross between bio/surf/day in the life with some really cool cinematography thrown in!

Where did you surf?

The main trips have been Indonesia, South Africa, California, Central America and
France so far.

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Erin Edwards


March 18, 2010