Oakley Week: Mammoth Mountain Raging at the Hyde Lounge, Celebration of 30 Years of O Passion


Mammoth Mountain thought it was ready for Oakley Week.

But the famed snow destination was fully smacked upside the head during the O themed time period as Oakley team members, core shop guests, skiers, snowboard shredders and more dropped into Mammoth’s village area for its official celebration. And as always (when O throws the party), it raged.

Rocking at the famed Hyde Lounge, the unique event marked the apex of what was an already vibrant, raucous week – displaying the new partnership between Oakley and Mammoth Mountain to the fullest.

With functions that ran simultaneously throughout the Mountain, Lodge and Village, it was all culminated with the Hyde Lounge event that placed Oakley’s “30 Years of Dedication, Technology, Passion and Fun” on display for all to see. The decades of snow innovation literally hung from the ceilings and were illuminated in displays in a mass celebration of the brand’s heritage in snow sports.

But, of course, it wouldn’t be a nightlife event without the…well, nightlife.

Featuring special guest artists, “the Entrance Band” (presented by “Hyde Live”) – who threw down with their unique style of Indie Rock – and DJ Dax, the crowd took in beverages and enjoyed great company throughout the evening.

Special thanks to: Aaron Quigley, Derek Heidt, Bryan Shelton, Andy McCollum, Mario Minwary, Tommy Smith, DJ Dax, Roland Barerra, Alyssa Gross, Yogi Ybarra, josh Hoyer, Toby Winters, The Entrance Brand, Hyde Lounge, and of course, Mammoth Mountain for making Oakley and Mammoth stronger moving into the Future.

Images by Mario Minwary