Bienvenue en France! Shaun White Takes Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe Gold In Winter X Games Tignes Debut


Welcome to France! Oakley snowboard icon Shaun White dominated the Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe in his first visit to the Winter X Games Tignes. It didn’t take long to for Shaun to secure the gold medal, scoring a 98 in his first run; a super smooth run that included a switch cab double cork, a double McTwist 1260 and an alleyoop rodeo to close it out. His near perfect score set the tone for the day and none of the competitors came close to challenging Shaun’s position on the leaderboard.

“I feel amazing,” said Shaun after his big win. “That first run I gave it my all and was standing there with a chance to back it up on that last run. But I was just happy to have a victory lap.”

Shaun’s third round victory lap included some big air stunts and dramatic turns, sending snow and ice spraying high into the air. Putting on quite the show, Shaun made it clear why he is truly the face of snowboarding. Unfortunately, his early victory meant that Shaun didn’t attempt his newly acquired double alley-oop rodeo. Fans will be eagerly waiting for Shaun to throw the trick in future competitions.

It’s hard to imagine anything topping Shaun White’s perfect 100 score in the Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe at the Winter X Games Aspen in January. But according to Shaun, his win in Tignes, France was even more exciting than his legendary gold medal performance in the US.

“To everybody here tonight,” Shaun said, “this is far better than Aspen.”

While it’s easy to debate whether Shaun’s perfect 100 in Aspen or his early victory in France was better, the fact that Shaun White is the best SuperPipe snowboarder in the world is not up for debate. Congrats to Shaun for his Winter X Games Tignes gold!


John Ohail


March 15, 2012