Winter X Games


Oakley took on the Winter X Games 2007 with several top tactical maneuvers focused on showcasing our new program of “Owning the Mountain.” The Winter X Games is the Action Sports equivalent to the Olympics, taking place on a yearly basis. In its 11th year, Winter X has solidified itself as “The Event” that all skier, snowboarders and snowmobilers strive to win each year. With that being said, Oakley found it most important to showcase our support not only for our athletes, but our dedication to the winter action sports lifestyle and culture. This year Oakley stepped it up with several top tactics with an increased booth size in the X Fest Center to hit the everyday fan at Buttermilk, two TV commercials to showcase our athletes progression from video parts and a media dinner to let publications hang with our athletes and check out our latest products.  The following is how it went down from the eye of Oakley.

First off, Oakley set up its 20 × 20 – X Fest Booth in the best spot one could ask for at the bottom of the lift line and next to the media tent. A perfect example of how prime our spot was at X Fest was the reaction of a certain top selling snowboard company’s immediate complaining about our location, as we consistently had the heaviest traffic each day of Winter X. Matty Swanson and the Alternative Marketing Crew set up the booth, along with a few assigned “Youth Squad Rangers” dressed in our lime green one-piece suits and Blade sunglasses. These “Youth Squad Rangers” absolutely killed it every day on the mega phone, announcing all the latest happenings at our X Fest booth. Top daily activities consisted of athlete signings, poster and swag give away, photo and trivia contests, and a chance to sign up for our newsletter. The photo contest was by far the most popular event that went down at the booth. Anyone coming to Winter X could take a photo of an Oakley athlete in action or on the podium and have it judged by Oakley’s panel of photographers.  Winners were decided everyday at 4pm with several pairs of signature goggles, Our Life & The Method DVDs, and posters being given out to the winners. In the end an estimated 10,000 of the 75,000 total spectators at Winter X in 2007 found their way through the Oakley X Fest Booth to view Oakley products, proving once again that Winter X is a perfect location to meet one on one with our die-hard fan base.

Next, Oakley took over the television airwaves with ESPN 2’s X Center features on a nightly basis from interviews with Gretchen Bleiler and Tanner Hall to highlights of our athletes winning a total of nine medals, only to be topped off by our two commercials showcasing Eero Ettala and Tanner Hall. The commercials were top-notch quality with Eero throwing his signature double cork 1080 and Tanner busting one of the biggest airs off a massive hip at Mammoth last season.

To support our television exposure, the communications team put together a media dinner night to introduce the latest products from Oakley and provide a chance to hang with our elite athletes. All the major magazines, websites and television networks were on hand to enjoy the amazing sushi prepared by Micah, the Oakley chef, and the many assorted drinks from our bar. It was a great scene with Heikki Sorsa playing pool with Eric from Fuel TV to Matt from Powder chatting it up with Tanner Hall’s mother. came by to do a video tour of the Oakley “Safe House” where its many athletes and employees crash each night. Check out Sammy Carlson and Kristin Leskinen as they give you a “Tour of The Oakley X Games Crib” video: "Oakley Crib Video"

In addition, Oakley announced the signing of seven-time Winter X Games medalist, Danny Kass, at this year’s event. Danny was wearing the Denim Crowbars – currently available online and in most major stores – which are sure to be a huge hit. A poster was designed for Danny to sign in our booth and mayhem ensued with over 200 fans pushing their way through for the one-hour autograph session on Sunday. Danny’s presence on the Oakley eyewear team was felt immediately with the surge one can only expect from the owner of Grenade.

As you can tell Oakley ruled Winter X in Aspen, Colorado – make sure to check out the photos.