BE Conscious: The B&E Duo Returns With An Inspiring Highlight Reel Of True Ski Dedication


The B&E Show and Inspired Media Concepts are back with a fresh new edition. In their latest episode: Episode 9 – BE Conscious, Phil and Henrik fill you in on the closing of their winter competitions for the year. Recaps from the last two months of their lives are set to the beats of Eric B and Rakim, providing insight into the minds of these two professional skiers. With stops in Park City, Breckenridge, Europe, Winter X-Games and more, Phil and Henrik enjoyed another jam-packed season.

While the highlight reel is inspiring, there is nothing more inspiring than the closing tribute to fellow skier Sarah Burke, who tragically passed away earlier this season. The boys reiterate to all that have a love for skiing, or life in general, that time on this earth is a gift and we have to respect that accidents can happen to anyone, especially those taking the risks professional freeskiers do. There’s no time to take life for granted. Sarah proved this with her love for life and so do these boys with their passion for skiing.

Check out what the guys have been up to and stay tuned for more innovative new episodes to come.

Official Filmers:
Mike Mcleod
Jake Stassman
Phil Casabon
Henrik Marlaut
Taylor Seaton
E Heath

Relax With Pep – Eric B & Rakim


John Ohail


March 27, 2012