Winter Dew: Simon Dumont Triumphant at Ski Superpipe Finals, Carlson Grabs Slopestyle Third


Simon Dumont cased it on his final hit of his first run at the Winter Dew Tour Ski Superpipe Finals in Breckenridge.

But it didn’t matter. His sick 94.50 second run had him standing at the top of the podium with the victory.

“I just felt like I’d worked really hard for this one and thought I could win it, so I went back up to the top, regrouped, and put it down when I needed to,” Simon said. His best run consisted of a Double cork 1260 to rightside 900 to double pipe flip 900 to huge alley-oop 720 to switch 720 to rightside alley-oop flatspin 540 to right 900.

And the victory was just one of the many he plans to tally throughout this season. Staying consistent is clearly is focus.

“I know I could’ve cleaned it up a little more,” added Simon. “There’s room for improvement. I also have a switch double I haven’t put in yet.”

Dumont’s Oakley Teammate, Sammy Carlson, was doing a little stomping of his own, powering his way to a solid third-place finish in Slopestyle.

“I’ve had a really crazy early season and didn’t get as much training in as I wanted to, so I’m just really happy to be on the podium,” Sammy said. “Now I’ve got some new motivation going into the next Dew Tour stops and X Games, and I’m going to work really hard to keep it going in 2011.”

Congratulations to both Simon and Sammy for an awesome week in Breckenridge!

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Andrew De Lara


December 21, 2010

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