Twin Hardware: Bob and Mike Bryan Triumphant in London Tennis Doubles


Bob and Mike Bryan are more than accustomed to winning. All the time.

But after grabbing their first Summer Games Title Saturday in Doubles Tennis over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Micheal Llodra of France, the heavily decorated American twins embraced each other – intensely – as if they’d never nabbed a victory ever before.

“That’s the longest we’ve hugged,” Bob said. “We’ve spent 50,000 hours together, and probably 30,000 on the court, working our butts off to get here. That hug right there was a culmination of it all.”

The dynamic duo, who claimed a third place finish in Beijing four years prior, finally achieved their career Golden Slam: racking up all four majors and the Summer Games…in addition to their already tantalizing 11 major titles and their seventh World No. 1 ranking in nine years.

The immense emotion poured out uncontrollably.

“For those moments, you don’t plan them,” Mike added. “I usually jump, and he usually holds me.”

The celebration came after a daunting stretch of matches – including triumphs in six tiebreakers in five rounds. The final was neck in neck down to the wire – with but one service break.

The drama never ceased – with the final moments of the event as big as ever. Darting across the court to get to a shot near the backstop, Bob flipped a lob over his shoulder with the net behind him.

“Any other match, I probably would have let that point go. I said, ‘I think I can get there.’ I’m 34, but I’ve still got some spring in my legs.”

The back and forth volleys continued to fire – until Llodra hit the ball into the net to hand the grand win to the twins after 1 hour, 28 minutes.

The immense importance of the triumph was reflected even more as the two headed to the podium.
“This kind of eclipses any of our wins,” Mike said.

“There hasn’t been a more special feeling than this.” Bob continued. “We’ve won a lot of Slams. Slams are awesome. I can tell you there’s no better feeling than this right now. Winning for each other, for our team, but for our country. It brought a different level of intensity to our tennis this week.”

“We were scraping and clawing on every point. To hear the national anthem and stand on top of the podium, we could shut our careers down today and be happy for the rest of our lives.”


Andrew De Lara


August 05, 2012

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