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O With the Save! Anaheim Ducks Hockey Star Francois Beauchemin’s Eye Saved By Oakley Hockey Visor


The heart and soul of the Oakley brand: Its athletes.

The performance and safety of the Oakley family are the reason for the company’s unmatched, patented technologies in eyewear and gear.

Exhibit O: NHL Star Francois Beauchemin of the Anaheim Ducks.

During a recent match against the San Jose Sharks, Defenseman Dan Boyle’s third-period shot beamed straight at Fracois’ face, hitting him right above the eye at close to 90 mph.

But there was one thing standing between his face and the ultra-dangerous puck. His Oakley Hockey visor.

“I had time to worry about my eye for like a fraction of a second.” Francois said on Wednesday.

The standout charger knew exactly the cost might have been had he not been rocking the O.

“Oh, my God, I could have lost my eye. I could have broken the bone. A lot of things could have happened without it.”

Featuring the most optical clarity on the Planet, his O Visor’s patented Plutonite® lens material is also at the heart of its impact protection. Exactly why all of Oakley’s Hockey Pros trust it at every game…and every practice.

Oh, and he got back into the game and helped win it…3-2!

Check this interview with Francois – released by the Ducks:

More info on the Oakley Hockey Visor: O Visor


Andrew De Lara


October 20, 2011

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