Switzerland Redefines Three Day Weekend

Freestyle.ch main image.jpg

The Swiss have officially redefined the meaning of "three-day weekend". Instead of nice and relaxing, they have created action packed and exciting by combining freestyle Moto-X, Vert Skateboarding, Freekiing and Snowboarding and they’ve labeled it Freestyle.ch. After three days of perfect weather, an amazing location at Zurich Lake, the best athletes in the world and a great crowd, it would be an understatement to say this event was successful… It went off!

There were over 46,000 people who crammed themselves in with one another to get a glimpse of the action. In Vert Skateboarding, Sandro Dias took a hold of first place and didn’t let it go. While he was at it, he grabbed the cash and the hearts of all the girls watching.

Right after Sandro got everything warmed up, Oakley’s Eero Ettala, Travis Rice and Swiss legend Nicolas Muller came in to cool things off. With Nicolas’s amazing style and Eero’s signature Switch Double Back-Flip, they gave 46,000 screaming fans a true taste of winter in the fall. At the end of the day it was Oakley’s Eero Ettala who took home the title and the cash.

With the crowd’s adrenal glands almost running dry, Oakley’s Jacob Wester, Simon Dumont and Jon Olsson came in strong to drive it home and finish out an action packed weekend. But this weekend wouldn’t be complete without getting autographs from all of your new favorite idols. In true rock star fashion, all the Oakley athletes were hanging outside of the Oakley O ROKR™ Tour Bus, trying to get a minute in with all the awesome fans that just spent three days cheering them on.

Next time you have a three day weekend and you don’t know what to do, then do it all…or as the Swiss say, Freestyle.ch.