Lodge Life At Chatter Creek, BC

Nicolas And Crew Soak Up The Sun

What We Say:

First Impression: Within our Oakley group of 10 only 1 had been to Chatter Creek before and the perception of what lodge life could be was unanswered. Until we stepped out of a helicopter to arrive at a lodge so big you can’t fit it all into the frame of a single photo.

First Day On Snow: The international crew of 2 riders, 2 photographers, 1 snowboard guide, 3 filmers, 1 writer, and a marketing manager set out on a mission to dial the system day one. With everyone’s jet lag and sleep deprivation from previous trips the crews confusion led us to some great choices. Like riding without camera gear backpacks and lapping in the snow cat for several runs.

Snowboarding With Nicolas Muller and Jake Blauvelt: Riding natural terrain is what these guys do best and here at Chatter Creek they have been ripping tree runs and powder jumps all over the place. After three days of riding and scouting new terrain, Jake and Nico are ready to get lost with the media crew and get shots for their projects.

Entertainment Options: One night the Greyhound Billy Bar was in rare form as the weekly staff change over party was underway. Highlights included extremely talented dancers with hula hoops on the tables, group pool table games, the worst dance contest, foosball matches, and great dance moves from everyone throughout the night.

What They Say:

Chatter Creek is one of Western Canada’s largest and most spectacular cat skiing and heli skiing destinations!
The cat skiing terrain at Chatter Creek comprises of 238 square kilometers of mountain terrain that extends from 1500m (5,000 feet) elevation to almost 3000m (10,000 feet). That is equivalent to 92 square miles and
is in excess of 58,000 acres.
Both lodges are a welcome sight at the end of a deep and snowy day in the mountains. A hot meal, cold drink and great entertainment all make the experience a memorable one!

There are many places to cat ski but there is only one Chatter Creek!

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Check back next week with another powder riding update from Oakley riders Nicolas Muller and Jake Blauvelt.