David Ortiz Soars Into The Record Books With 400th Career Home Run


Since the days of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa battling for the single season home-run record, Major League Baseball has seen a resurgence of dominant pitching. Pitchers are developed from a young age and put through rigorous daily routine. The mechanics, speed and endurance exhibited from the mound are all second to none in today’s era, making pitchers stronger than ever. That being said, hitting a Major League home run is somewhat of a difficult task. Going even beyond that; hitting 400 career home runs in next to impossible. Don’t tell that to the Boston Red Sox’s David Ortiz. Big Papi hit his 400th career home run during a day game on July 4th in Oakland, making him a part of Major League history.

To put things in perspective, Ortiz becomes only the 49th player in Major League Baseball history to reach the 400 home run milestone. He is also one of only eight active players to reach the mark. And finally, he is one of only six Boston Red Sox, a franchise that has seen some of the most prolific players in League history, to launch 400 baseballs out of a Major League ballpark.

Ortiz’s milestone home run came on a 2-0 pitch early in the game and sailed well into the right field bleachers. Not only was it his 400th career home run, it was his 352nd as a designated hitter, which ranks first all time in Major League Baseball history.

What happened after his home run was almost as remarkable as the blast itself. On a sunny day in Oakland, California, Athletics fans stood up and saluted the visiting player before his next at-bat. Ortiz removed his helmet, donning his Oakley Radar Range sunglasses, and took a moment to salute the crowd.

“That was pretty cool,” said Ortiz, humbled by the ovation he received from the opposing fans. “You’re playing on the road, and you get something like that done on the road and people really appreciate it.”

Baseball is a passionate game. From the players to the fans, people are invested in their team. The opposing salute to Ortiz is a true testament to what a milestone 400 home runs truly is. The debate has begun whether Ortiz belongs in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. The League has been around for over a century now, and whether he is inducted or not, Ortiz holds a title that not many can boast; he is officially a member of the 400 Home Run Club. Congratulations to Big Papi on his outstanding accomplishment and good luck the rest of the season.


John Ohail


July 06, 2012