Holeshot: Mike Brown Seals X Games Moto X Enduro X Gold After Grueling Race


There’s only one way to describe the Moto X Enduro X event at X Games: Absolutely gnarly.

But despite the grueling, punishing nature of the race, Oakley’s Mike Brown topped the strong field of riders to emerge victorious with the Gold. After grabbing the Holeshot with authority, he gapped the competition and powered his way to the win unchallenged.

“To come back from to the silver to the gold is great,” he said, rocking his Oakley MX Goggles. “That was my goal this year. All day long I was riding good and I had good times, and I knew if I got a good start I help me win the gold.”

The badass rider, who claimed Silver in the very first Enduro X last year, put an exclamation point on his victory by ‘ghost riding’ his dirt bike away from him after crossing the finish in front.

Facing 10 riders, 10 laps and a course lined with intimidating boulder fields, a pond, wood logs and bank turns, Mike was the ultimate example of an ‘endurance athlete’ on a dirt bike.

Scope his winning performance:


Andrew De Lara


July 02, 2012