Women’s Skate Street Silver for Leticia Bufoni


There must be something in the water…the rate at which Brazil is churning out world-class skateboarders is anything, but normal.

Following in fellow countrymen Bob Burnuist’s well-trodden path to the top of an X Games podium, Leticia Bufoni threw down her most stylish maneuvers to improve upon her 2011 bronze and claim the silver medal behind Alexis Sablone in the Women’s Skate Street final this year.

“I’m so happy that I got silver and that I could skate with the best skaters in the world,” exclaimed Leticia after the event.

Check out her floating melon grabs over the cement hip and popping frontside 180s off of the dinosaur-shaped ledge created by Los Angeles-based street artist James Haunt in the video below to experience her artistry first hand.


Elishia Matta


June 30, 2012

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