Oakley Custom Sunglasses

Style is whatever you make it, so make it your own. Customize Oakley sunglasses with your choice of frame color and finish, lens tint and more. You’ll have the visionary innovations of High Definition Optics® and the look of a true original.

Oakley Custom Sunglass Cases

Your custom engineered sunglasses deserve the best protection possible. All of our cases have be designed for extreme crush resistance. Choose a case and customize it with color and personalized etching.

Active Sunglasses

Asian Fit Sunglasses

Show Your True Colors

Whether you're a player or a fan, Oakley Custom Team Colors gives you the power to show your team pride and protect your eyes simultaneously. You choose your frames, your colors, and what you'd like engraved (for example, your number, position, or team name), and Oakley does the rest. You'll see a different game when you customize Oakley sunglasses to your exact specifications.


Team Owners

Call to outfit your team in Custom Oakley sunglasses featuring your team's logo and colors.

Here are just a few examples of the way Oakley sunglasses can be customized. Borrow one of these ideas or design one uniquely dedicated to your team.




Sunglasses Cases

Get Your Team Colours

For players. For alumni. For fans. Set your team apart by customizing your colours and engraving your logo - wear your pride on your shades.

Polarized Lenses

We’ve all been blinded by glare. And it’s never good. Experience less glare with a pair of Oakley polarized lenses, truly the best glare-reducing lenses in the world.