Wing First Woman to Land 720 in Comp


In 2007 Amber was the first female wake boarder to land a 720. A trick only one other female rider has accomplished since then. Fast forward a year later to the harsh desert conditions and 115 degree temperatures at Firebird Lake in Phoenix, Arizona. Amber Wing makes history again, and lands the 1st ever 720 by a female wake boarder in competition.


“The feeling that rushed through me was that of landing a trick for the first time,” said Wing. “I have been wanting this day to come for so long. It was better than I ever dreamed it was going to be!”

She qualified for the finals with the second highest score of the day. Wing had her sights set on a podium finish. After two solid passes with the Mastercraft X Star Pro Tour edition boat. Amber lined up for 1 more jump. On her way back to the dock in the women’s finals she showed us a bonus trick can really boost your score if you land it clean.

Amber did that with a massive toeside 720 and perfect landing. Throwing her arm in the air, Amber accomplished what she set out to do this year on the women’s pro tour: to push the level of riding and show the world that women’s wakeboarding is stepping up to new levels.

To see more of Amber Wings riding in Oakley’s latest film Push Process Push Process and a see her land a 720 watch the ffilm teasers.

Photos: Greg Weatherall and Oakley


Matty Swanson, Sports Marketing Manager


July 01, 2008