Lance Visit

Lance Rolling O

On May 10, 2008 the Oakley Rolling O Lab was invited along with the Lance Armstrong Foundation and Trek Bikes to help support the grand opening of Lances new bike shop, Mellow Johnny’s in downtown Austin, Texas.
Lance Armstrong has won 7 Tour de France, which has lead to the shops original name “Mellow Johnny’s“. The name comes from the nickname Lance earned while wearing the Tour de France leaders jersey “maillot jaune” or yellow jersey. The bike shop is a block north of the Lance Armstrong Bikeway, a path that will run east to west through downtown Austin. The shop will include everything from a coffee shop, showers, locker room, and storage for bikes catering to everyone from the seasoned cyclist to the first time rider. The shop is an amazing experience in its self. The building is 18,000 square feet housing a soon to be training facility in the basement. The walls will be decorated with Lance’s memorabilia including some of his tour bikes, and it will show case everything from high end racers, commuter bikes, mountain bikes, to low riders and hand made art bikes.
To be a part of this grand opening was a real honor for us, by the end of the day we ran almost 200 people through the lab including Lance himself. The comradery of the other contributors as well as the biking community was truly amazing. It was a pleasure working with Trek Bikes as well as the Lance Armstrong Foundation. It seems like Mellow Johnny’s is a real move in the right direction for the city of Austin, a step away from cars, but a step towards a cleaner environment and safer cycling.
We would really like to thank Lance Armstrong, his foundation, all the employees at Mellow Johnny’s, Trek Bikes, Pat McIlvain and everyone at Oakley who made this an amazing event.
For more information about Lances foundation, his shop, or his bikes it can be found at, Mellow and
Thank you and easy riding!