“Hit and Run”: Bradley Cooper Rocks Oakley Plaintiffs on the Silver Screen


It’s no secret. Hollywood loves its Oakleys.

Recent memories of Tom Cruise – in specially customized O eyewear – scaling buildings and battling massive hordes of ‘bad guys’ in the latest installment of the ultra famed Mission Impossible series, are a prime example of the brand’s immense presence in show business.

But it’s not just combat troops and super heroes who rock their technologically superior and massively stylin’ Oakleys on the silver screen.

Bradley Cooper, of The Hangover and The Wedding Crashers fame, just took moviegoers by storm with a leading role in the comedy film Hit and Run…in his customized Oakley Plaintiff sun eyewear, that is.

Alongside comic heavyweights Tom Arnold, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, the popular actor drops into a funky adventure where his character, straight out of prison, engages in a chase of friends from the past. And, of course, the fast-paced road trip is as zany as expected – placing one of Oakley’s most popular lifestyle eyewear pieces in the spotlight.

Joining countless blockbuster films, TV shows and Hollywood personalities that have celebrated Oakley in the past, Bradley and his new feature film are another amazing display of O star power.

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Andrew De Lara


August 21, 2012

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