Cabo Dolls: Pop Star Nicole Scherzinger Surfs Mexico For Oakley Learn to Ride, Stars Catch Sun

Nicole Scherzinger 2

Cabo San Lucas and Oakley bikinis? Yes, please.

Spending America’s Independence Day south of The Border, PussyCat Dolls Star (recording artist) Nicole Scherzinger, The B**** in Apt 23’s (ABC sitcom) Krysten Ritter and the Hurt Locker’s (film) Brian Geraghty dropped into the Cabo surf with Oakley for its famous Learn to Ride program.

Nicole and Krysten, fresh off Teen Choice Award nominations, took turns cheering for one another as they employed their newly-acquired surfing skills taught by Oakley Surf Team Manager, Luke Walsh, and his brother (big-wave pro surfer), Ian Walsh.

But Brian, a low key ripper in his own right, helped show his longtime girlfriend, Krysten, the ropes in the water. And it paid off. After only her second try, she stood up on her board and surfed for the first time ever.

Nicole, however, was more of a natural. The music star, who’s also part Hawaiian, displayed her knack for the water by ripping it up in the lineup throughout the event…with style, of course.

Suited up with hot, high-performance Oakley swimwear, the pack of celebs bumped into movie star Hayden Panettiere – who was in Mexico on vacation with her New York Jets boyfriend, Scotty McKnight. Together, the Oakley family, Scotty and Hayden combined for one heck of a week – celebrating both Oakley and Nicole’s birthday in style.

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