Erin Densham wins Mooloolaba ITU Triathlon

Erin Densham

Before the race began the 26-year-old said she’d most likely have to win in Mooloolaba to stand a chance of getting selected for the 2012 Olympics and rose to the occasion. “I wasn’t trying to give them (the Olympic selectors) a message today,” Densham said. “I was just running my race and I was just doing what I know I can do. Whether that impresses them or not it’s up to them. I just did what I had to do.”

Oakley’s Brad Kahlefeldt who has been selected for London also took a podium finish in the men’s taking 2nd after a three-way rush to the line with French Triathlete Laurent Vidal claiming the win. In spite of missing out on a fourth victory in Mooloolaba Kahlefeldt was realistic about his second place finish.
“The goal to be honest isn’t Mooloolaba or Sydney, it’s later on in the year,” said Kahlefeldt, who has already been selected for the Australian Olympic team.


Neil Sutton


April 10, 2012