Lightweight and Functional Technical Outerwear Performs in Chamonix, France

Chamonix Repel

The last few days here in Chamonix have delivered a wild mix of clouds, sun, snow, beer and forgotten passports. Seth, Nate, JP and the Ordinary Skier crew made it out of town and the snow started to fall. It was cool to see Oakley’s new line of technical outerwear constantly getting lighter and more functional.

Cedric Bernardini, Luca and I started this powder session by skiing a short, steep line in the Aiguille Rouges on a foggy day. We ended it with a fairly technical couloir on the Italian side. We learned upon coming back from Italy that the Chamonix community lost a friend in a crevasse that day.

I went back to Italy and skied a couple couloirs solo in unbelievably epic conditions, and then skied the glacier alone back to Chamonix. Days like today are sometimes necessary for me. I know they break all the rules and increase the danger, but I also know they magnify my sense of responsibility in these wild places. I’ve always found serenity in that strange mix of adrenaline and contemplation, and today rest in peace.


Mark Shelp


March 02, 2011

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