Sunglasses at Night: Seattle


Oakley’s first annual Sunglasses at Night tour kicked off at the Art Institute of Seattle on Wednesday night, where an eclectic group of students, artists and art lovers gathered in the spirit of creative design, friendly competition and grassroots collaboration.

A week prior to the event, participating students at the Institute were given white Oakley Hijinx and very few guidelines. Leaving no material left behind, the students used everything from feathers and lace to wire and fur to showcase their artistic talents on an Oakley eyewear canvas.

“The feedback was amazing,” said Mark Livingston, Director of Communications for the Institute. “I had no idea how recognizable Oakley was with this age group. We had 35 sunglasses to hand out and in less than 12 hours, they were gone. The students immediately responded to it.”

Residing Judge Andrew Petterson, who last year designed 50 hand-crafted Oakley Frogskins, selected the eccentric creation of 24-year-old Alex Pascual as the winning design.

“It was a really cool idea,” said Pascual, who is a student of 3D modeling and concept art. “The rules didn’t say anything about building on to the sunglasses, so I went for it.”

Pasqual spent close to 15 hours transforming his Hijinx into a stunning turquoise masquerade, which incorporated model airplane parts and feathers.

“The competition was legitimate, but as soon as I saw these, I made my decision,” said Petterson of the winning pair. “Tonight was another great example of Oakley branching out from sports and competition
and reaching out to its art and culture roots.”

Alongside the student-designed eyewear, the entire collection of Artist Collaboration eyewear was on display for art patrons, who sipped Red Bull and swayed to the live musical beats of Kelley James. Complementary art by Oakley artists graced the gallery walls while a steady Seattle drizzle fell in the background.

The art-centric city of Seattle proved the perfect place to kick off the tour, which will make stops in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles.